Hero… Gyro… whatever


Jake clued me in to Arby’s new $5.01 menu last week, and I have since fallen in love with their Gyro sandwich.  When I got back from an Arby’s run Friday, I attempted to describe to him the great sandwich I had.  It must have taken me five minutes to describe the thing.  He just kept staring at me as I attempted to explain to him what a Gyro was, even venturing back into my college days when we would hit the street-corner vendor on the way out of the bar on Thursday nights for his perfectly-made Gyros.  I finally hit on the work “Greek” and he said something like… “wait, do you mean a yeeroh?”  I said “yeh, the pita thing I just described for the past five minutes that is spelled G-Y-R-O.  How the heck did you pronounce it again?  I always say heeroh.”


Today, we got to laughing as we relived the event so I decided to look up the real pronunciation online at my favorite source of all Truth(TM) on the web.  Here’s what Wikipedia told us.

Gyros or gyro (most often pronounced /ˈdʒaɪroʊ/, from Greek: γύρος (giros) “turn”) is a Greek dish, consisting of meat, tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce, and is served with pita bread.

Whoah, whoah, whoah… pronounced how?!  No wonder I don’t know how to correctly pronounce it.  We collectively determined it was best to leave that rabbit hole for later tonight.  Well, after spending time translating that funky-looking word using Wikipedia’s IPA for English secret decoder ring, I see they are saying it’s jiroh.  In other words, all those people I’ve made fun of for years who pronounce it just like it’s spelled (as in the beginning of the word gyroscope) have now had their vengeance.  Or, maybe Wikipedia is just saying almost everyone pronounces it incorrectly.  Hmmm…  maybe my source of all Truth(TM) is playing with me.


Another rabbit hole played in and more time wasted.  Guess I should just enjoy the “sandwich” and leave it at that.  I’ll just order the #18 combo, please, because I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT.  By the way, doesn’t that menu look yummy?  Another Arby’s run later this week, I think.


Arby's New $5.01 Menu Items
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6 thoughts on “Hero… Gyro… whatever”

  1. Nice, I hadn’t noticed gyros at Arby’s yet, will have to check it out but nothing will ever compare to the Gyroman in Ames!! I downed two of those bad boys last year when we made it up to Homecoming, they have several carts now and even had one setup in the tailgating area! And I’ll stick with the heeroh pronounciation myself too. ;)

    Later Bro!

  2. You’re really trying to make me look it up on a real website, aren’t you. :P That had to be the best Arby’s experience ever. I think you could have convinced the guy you paid with a $100 bill after we had him rolling with laughter.

  3. way too funny, which brings out our curiosity . . . is there ANY rabbit hole you would just “pass by” — not care to understand the meaning of a partcular thing? gary and I were just wondering!

  4. Yeh, that’s the same thing Jake and T keep asking me, lol. You haven’t seen my list of blog topics I still have on my “to do” list that I haven’t gotten to yet because (a) I fear how long I’ll end up playing around down in those rabbit holes, and (b) I keep ending up going down other rabbit holes instead. My undiagnosed case of ADD keeps getting in the way there. ;)

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