Yes, I’m still here

miss_me_yetNo, this is not a political post.  Anyone around here long enough would know I keep most of those thoughts to myself.  Not sure why… guess I just do.  Of course, maybe I just made a statement there with the picture I chose to post. ;) 


Anyway, yes, I am still here.  I still want to blog more frequently again, but continue to choose other things to occupy my time.  I figure tonight I would just check back in, say “Hi”, let you know what I’ve been up to, and maybe try to get myself back in gear.


First off, I’m getting along pretty well after the “fun” at the beginning of last month.  I’m still in pain every day, and I’m still deteriorating, but I now have new “gear” to help make things easier.  My walker, affectionately named “Norris,” is helping out quite a bit.  That’s more like a three-step joke that Jake led me down… Norris => Chuck => Walker, Texas Ranger.  Awesome stuff dreamed up at work.  We’re so under-appreciated, aren’t we Jake?  As for other “gear” from my occupational therapist, I have the longest shoe horn I have ever seen.  It’s great… the kids, of course, use it as a sword.  She also provided me with a “pusher,” which can only be described as a long stick with some gadget on the end that the kids also figured out can be used as a weapon.  And, finally, I have a “grabber,” which is a long device with a trigger on one end and a claw on the other, which for some odd reason can also be used as a weapon.  No wonder the kids keep asking when my next ambulance ride will be.


Secondly, I have all but divorced myself from movie and “TV” viewing.  I still watch the occasional Friday or Saturday night movie with the family, but that’s it.  (Megamind was outstanding, by the way.)  So, for all those out there who only came here for the movie reviews, I apologize.  I watched too much strange stuff that you never would bother watching anyway.  Admit it.


Thirdly (which sounds weird), I’ve been spending quite a bit of time over the past several months working on the website I put together for Trekkers Bible Study, which I attend Sunday mornings.  There is audio going back over a decade of studies that I enjoy listening to tremendously.  Thank God for the faithful preparation and recording of those lessons by the Trekkers team.  After only attending in person for just over a year and a half, I am indebted to what they kept around.  I’m still catching up, attempting to listen to older lessons I wasn’t there for, extracting and entering notes, Scripture references, etc.  I was attempting to “finish” all of them (I’m getting close) before getting back to blogging again, but I need a break.  If you’ve been looking for a good way to study the Bible, I think you’ll find more than enough there to get you started.  Just click on the “By Series” link on the left-hand side and see if there is something that interests you.  If not, try somewhere else and get into the Word.


Finally, I’ve told various people about a stack of post-it notes collecting dust for some time now.  Actually, part of the stack is at least as old as this blog.  I’ve been jotting down topics I would like to expand on as long as I’ve been around here, but haven’t yet taken the time to work through them.  I figure tonight that I’ll list some of them out here so that I have a bit of incentive to finally get to them.  Now you might know what to pester me about, rather than just tell me I need to get blogging again.

  • Catch up on book reviews… I’m still reading, and have (I think) at least eight books to review.  In fact, at least a couple I expect need reviews to themselves instead of my typical combined posts.
  • Jonah.  I have some things to say regarding this tendency we humans have to question the Word of God and its implications.
  • I got to thinking I never explained as much as I could have regarding one of the dreams I had from God in this post.  Due to some recent conversations, I feel there is more to write down.
  • I’ve been contemplating how my disease is a physical picture of the spiritual reality of sin.
  • My prayer that people praise God, not my faith.  If you only understood.  That’s probably not going to result in a blog post.  I think that’s all you’ll get for a while. ;)
  • How I see myself so often representing the “Mistakes” poster.
  • Even though I’m not watching movies much anymore, perhaps some retro-reviews.  I don’t plan to keep up with the top-five lists Jake has been posting lately, though.  That’s fun stuff.
  • How I’ve mentioned Jake for the second time now in as many bullets and how one of us must be stalking the other.
  • Random connections or insights that have been shown to me in the Bible during study that are just plain intriguing to me.
  • Christian vs. public education.
  • The wonderfulness of having a wife work part-time (or less).  Yes, I’ve already been over it a bit before, but maybe it’s time to repeat it and say more.
  • Sharing some pics of a sink hole in our yard.  Should take only minutes to post.  And yet, I had to dust that post-it note off to read it.
  • Ten Commandments and The Princess Bride.
  • Starbucks.  Africa.  Sports.
  • Seattle’s Space Needle and God.
  • Series of posts on some of my favorite songs.
  • My board game addiction?
  • Abortion.  Global Warming.
  • God’s patience with America.
  • Hy-Vee.  The NuVal system.  Double-stuffed Oreos.
  • Paul’s “thorn.”  The Prosperity Gospel.

Well, those are the notes I could still find.  There are others still floating around in my head here somewhere.  Sorry if that list leaves you hanging.  Maybe you can at least focus your poking and prodding now. ;)

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4 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still here”

  1. Do I need to get a restraining order? I see my name 4 times in this blog.

    Welcome back! I look forward to your next post, which I expect to see around April 19th. :-P

  2. Welcome back. It was nice meeting you last month. You and your faith are an inspiration to me. I hope you expand on some of these ideas soon.

  3. I didn’t realize how much I look forward to your blogs, Jeff. Reading these blogs has become a blessing from God for me. I believe He is using you right now to bring inspiration to our lives. Your way of thinking and questioning is certainly a gift from God. Keep up the blogs. Many thanks for doing this.

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