Christian Palestinianism?

In the interest of getting my blogging going again, I have a random, short (at least for me ;) post tonight if there is anyone out there still tuning in.  I got an email of a free video from The Berean Call folks this weekend referring to "Christian Palestinianism."  I had no idea what that meant, so simply had to check it out.  I’m going to leave you hanging, and see if you’re as cornfuzzled about this as I was after checking it out.  It fits pretty well with my thoughts on Israel which I partially included in an earlier post, Israel’s "occupation"?, but provides quite a bit more information.


Anyway, you can jump directly to it on Youtube here, or simply play the video below.


Christian Palestinianism


By the way, it says it’s only available until January 31, but I just got a follow up email that makes it sound like it will be up indefinitely… which might just be how long the break will be between now and my next post. ;)

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