Airplane stress?


So, I was talking to T about some future airplane travel, and she mentioned she was taking everything as carry-on.  Why?  Because the checked luggage fee was "too high."  I got to thinking, "I wonder if anyone has done a study on the long-term effects of the extra weight in overhead compartments due to the stupid luggage fees."  My Google-fu has either failed me, or nobody has published said studies yet, because I can’t seem to find anything online.  Curious…


And that is your random post by Nuke for today.  Or, well… the next month or two, perhaps. ;)

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4 thoughts on “Airplane stress?”

  1. It is becoming quite a problem flying as everyone has bags that don’t fit into the overhead and all have to wait to put them wherever they do. Lots of lines and waiting. Don’t get what is gained by all this!

  2. Also, several airlines have started charging fees for carry-on bags. Solution – ship your luggage via UPS or Fed-Ex.

  3. Why not simply raise the price of the ticket by $10 and allow One check in? The bottom of the plane has to go with the top of the plane so why not fill the space? Plus, make people abide by the carry on size.

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