Fun with Wordle

One of the blogs I follow recently posted a word cloud picture for the site generated using Wordle, so I thought I’d try running my blog through it as well.  Took only a few seconds of using it to come up with the picture below.  All I had to do was point it to the website, and the Wordle applet did the rest. 


Neat way to picture the last several blog posts.  Maybe I should just create a word cloud for each post for those who want an even shorter summary.  Over the past five posts, we were talking through "Genesis," that "Jesus" is the "Christ," and that He and "God" are "one."  Oh, and there was this guy named "Jacob," too.  Yup, I guess that covers it. ;)

Oh, and the next couple words… we set out to "find" the "Lord."  Have you found Him?

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