Jeff Wessel here… high school buddies might remember me as Gimme, a fun nickname from golf (maybe I’ll add the story someday).  My new nickname, Nuke, comes from a great friend at work.  If you remember Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Chekov says to guys on the street “where are your nuclear wessels… nuclear… wessels?”  There you go.


I’ll be using this blog to post mostly comments on movies (I watch quite a few), books (I read many, but slowly), my family, and probably some God stuff… yeh, you might call me a Jesus Freak.  Anyway, welcome… hopefully I don’t bore you.




P.S. – By the way, in case you showed up here “late” and missed it, my first (well, technically second) post sums up my medical condition that I try not to let define me. :)  Click here to jump to that post.  And then click here to jump to an update several months later (or open the “Health” category on the right side of the page to look for the most recent update).

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